(Brws)(Hair removal)(Lashes)(Other)(Tattoos) (Brws)(Hair removal)(Lashes)(Other)(Tattoos)(Brws)(Hair removal)(Lashes)(Other)(Tattoos)

Our #1 service that established us in the field as the Official Brow Bar in Greece. Complete package of eyebrow care, formation, and styling  25€


Shaping eyebrows with the BRWN BRWS technique combined with Henna tinting  35€


Special eyebrow dye application, with one whole month duration  10€

Eyebrow coloring is suitable for all types of eyebrows, as it “closes” the gaps, emphasizes the shape of the eyebrows, corrects the shape. Suitable for eyebrows that have appeared white hairs, blonde eyebrows that are faint. Inform us in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies.


BRWNE BRW lamination 48€

BRWNE Brow Lamination, is a combination of our specialized “BRWNE BRWS” formation with the addition of your eyebrow shaping service with an upward trend.

If you have fine brows, cathodes, thin or even very coarse hair quality, then this treatment is for you!

In combination with BRWNE Booster Lamination, the treatment of the health of your eyebrows is achieved with the aim of their regrowth (included in the service)!

The result is full eyebrows, upward, without gaps!

The result lasts 4 to 6 weeks!


 Pregnancy
 Breastfeeding
 Skin problems – ailments
 Abrasions – wounds

 Avoid contact with water in the eyebrow area for 24 hours.

 Avoid makeup removal in the area around the eyebrows for 24 hours.


Eyebrow trimming, styling, and tweezing included  17,50€

BRWNE Waxing

Our company’s hair removal wax has nothing to do with widely used body / face hair removal waxes. We produce a special hair removal wax based on aloe vera and other soothing ingredients with the aim of respecting your skin, long-lasting effect and reducing pain to zero levels for the area.

Avoid when:

 You have had a chemical peel applied.
 Use cream with AHA/Retinoid creams.
 Use acne medications.
 If you have had Botox in the forehead area.
In case of the above, inform the Brow Stylist who will take care of you

BRWNE Threading

Threading is suitable for all skin types. An excellent solution in case of forced avoidance of wax due to skin diseases. The depilatory thread in Brownee is a special thread for the eyebrows and this is because if a “sewing” thread is used as usual, in fact the hairs of the eyebrows are cut, so the skin is injured, as a result we have cases of folliculitis. An excellent art – technique which gives you the perfect clean shape. Of course at Brownee our “secret” is how we combine the threading technique.


Special eyebrow cleaning and shaping technique for men  15€


Special eyebrow shaping technique for under 18 years old. The goal is a natural result with proper shape guidance without damaging the hair follicle  15€


Eyebrow coloring with Henna lasting up to 2 weeks  19€

BRWNE HENNA has the ability to give your eyebrows a tattoo effect as it subtly highlights the shape of your eyebrows by correcting them.

What to watch out for:

 For the best duration of Henna, avoid facial cleansing – make-up remover with oily products such as emulsions, etc. on the eyebrow area.
 Avoid using creams on the eyebrow area.
 If your skin is very oily, inform the Brow Stylist who will take care of you.
 Inform us in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or allergies.


Upper Lip Threading; Upper lip hair removal with thread 5€


Chin Threading  3€


Full Face Threading  15€


Permanent Tattoo Services. Pls contact us to arrange an appointment  Upon request

At BRWNE our goal is to treat your brows naturally. In some cases due to hormonal changes, alopecia, etc. we recommend the application of semi-permanent makeup, with the aim of reshaping the shape from scratch or covering gaps in your eyebrows, always achieving the natural result that is our signature. The colours we use are approved exclusively for facial use and do not alter in colour over time. Re-application is done every year.
In any case, feel safe that we will not recommend the application of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup if you do not need it, nevertheless we will do an eyebrow regrowth plan aimed at their natural restoration, with the special brow-oil formula (BRW OIL), a product of our own production that favours the regrowth of the hair follicle.


Permanent Tattoo Services. Service fee  350€


Facial Treatment / Complete your facial pampering with a facial glow treatment! BB GLOW is an innovative skin treatment, which in addition to rebuilding your skin, also gives you a semi-permanent bb cream look on your face. So imagine waking up with even-toned skin, coverage of dark circles, and soft blush! In 3 to 4 sessions, you will have this result which lasts for 6 months. A completely safe method without causing allergies since it does not contain parabens. It’s worth a try. Indicated for all skin types, except skins with active acne  50€


Lash Lift – Lamination  35€

At BRWNE we love naturalness, that’s why Lash Lift is one of our favourite eyelash treatments.

Lash Lift is a natural method of curling and treating eyelashes.
Get curved eyelashes, just like the result of the special eyelash scissors, with a duration of 2 months. It gives a natural effect, but with the use of mascara it becomes very impressive!

What to expect:
The effect of Lash lift is determined according to the length of your own eyelashes. If you have long eyelashes the result will be really impressive. If your eyelashes are short in length, the result will be just as impressive because your eyelashes will be “lifted” from the root and thus their full length will be seen.
Why choose Lash Lift:
 It has a long duration (2 months).
 You can apply mascara to your eyelashes.
 You can use eye makeup remover.
 The products used deeply nourish your eyelashes.
If you have an allergy to Latex, inform the Lashes Expert who will take care of you.

Eyelashes Keratin Therapy (10′)

Looking for a quick eyelash keratin treatment that will make your lashes appear fuller and shinier? Then this treatment is for you! Special product based on keratin strengthens your eyelashes, in an extremely quick application of 10 minutes. It is usually combined with Lash Lift – Lamination.

Eyelashes Tinting (10′ – 15′)

Eyelash tinting replaces mascara as your lashes look like you’ve lightly applied make-up. An extremely natural result, for a subtle but gorgeous look. It is combined with Lash Lift – Lamination, as well as with Eyelashes Keratin Therapy.


Lash Lift Botox Therapy  10€